7 Things You Need to Know About iOS 9

7 Things You Need to Know About iOS 9There is no bigger event for Apple than the WWDC and the latest edition of the conference brought many wonders. The WWDC 2015, held a few dates back, marked the launch of various new features and OS updates for its entire range of devices. But the most influential update was for the iOS that has reached its 9th year this time. Apple has tried to pack in a lot of features into the new OS. Let us show you the 7 things you need to know about iOS 9.

Improved Privacy

The usage nature and data of the user will now remain anonymous to the third parties and will remain protected. The data will not be associated with Apple ID to protect it from being phished or traced. The two-step authentication will still work, but now the security code has been updated. Instead of four, it will now be of six digits to make it impossible to crack.

Revamped Search and Siri with Proactive

Proactive, a new search feature in iOS 9, is seen as a reply to the much famous and accurate – Google Now. Apart from getting a new look, Siri will provide more in-depth results with the new Proactive search tool. Proactive is mainly focused on a bit of automation aided by better and detailed results. It can track your usage pattern, suggest most used apps, play music when you plug-in the headphones while jogging, project travel times and traffic, suggest books and podcasts when you read them, etc. Siri will be able to handle more complex questions after this update.

Updated Maps

Apple maps have been quite criticised since the time of iOS 6, but things are about to change now. The new update to the app will bring Transit view to the floors that will help provide shorter and faster route for your commute. It will now identify addresses more efficiently and suggest nearby businesses with relevant photographs. Initially, it is scheduled to be released in US, London, Berlin and Paris. Its availability in India will surely not happen anytime soon.

Passbook and Apple Pay

The Passbook’s name has been updated to ‘Wallet’. It will now store loyalty cards and store specific cards, besides storing cards and boarding passes. The Apple Pay service is being extended to Canada, and its compatibility is also being expanded to London Underground. It will now work more efficiently when synchronised with the Wallet.

‘News’ Replaces ‘Newsstand’

As of now, iOS houses the Newsstand app, but it will soon be replaced with the News app. The new app will present the news in a graphic format to make the news more interesting. It will create a curated news feed that will be based on your interest and preferences. The app will source the news from various sources.

Split-Screen View In iPad

With the new iOS update, the iPad is also scheduled to receive some major features. One of them is the split-screen view that was earlier seen in the Samsung tablets. This will allow two apps to run simultaneously on the large screen of the iPad. Besides this, the multi-tab app view will allow user to sift through the open apps and view them simultaneously. The features will be available for iPad Air 2 only, as of now.

Apple Music

This was one of the most notable and expected feature that was to be introduced with iOS 9. It is a music streaming service that will suggest you songs based on your listening trends. It will also feature iCloud streaming that will make the storage management more efficient.

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