Amazon Kindle Voyage Review: The Best E-Book Reader so far

ki-slate-02-lg_V325435568_._V310358154_Amazon is on cloud nine with the launch of its latest E-book reader, Kindle Voyage. Amazon has always been a pioneer of the E-book reader segment and launched some best E-book readers out there. But this time Amazon has definitely raised the bar and taken the Kindles to a whole new level of excellence and innovation. Kindle Voyage comes in two variants namely Wi-Fi only version and a 3G+ Wi-Fi variant as well. We will be going through each and every feature it brings on board in detail So read on to find what it holds for the reading generation.

The meticulously designed kindle Voyage is sporting the best of displays we have seen yet. It boasts a 6 inch sharp and vibrant display sporting a resolution of 1448×1072 pixels with display density of 300 pixels per inch. It is one of the sharpest most beautiful display ever with a micro-edged design to reduce the glare and produce somewhat the paper like feel on it. At just 7.6 mm thick it sports a sleek and slim profile. This all new kindle comes with an integrated light sensor which Amazon calls adaptive lighting. Ambient light sensor will adjust the brightness of the display without user’s interference just like it does on smartphones.

The Kindle’s new reader comes equipped with PagePress, a combination of lines and dots, as Amazon calls it, feature which will let you turn the pages over without lifting the finger of the screen. You just have to touch the line to go to the next page and touch the dot to go back to the previous page. Amazon has brought on board haptic feedback feature to the PagePress in the kindle Voyage. So you will experience that slight vibration or buzz every time you touch the lines or dots to turn a page over.

Kindle Voyage features a built in storage of 4GB which can be used to store hundreds if not thousands of E-books at the same time. Battery backup has improved a lot over time and with the all new Kindle Voyage, the battery will keep it running for a very long time. Here we are not talking about hours or days, the battery underneath the Kindle will provide it a usage time of weeks at stretch. Though the new kindles are a bit costly as compared to previously launched ones but the features it brings is a never ending saga. The 3G variant comes with a unique non-payment data charges. It simply means that you can browse millions of E-books at stretch and download all those you want without even shelling out a single penny for the connectivity charges. It is an added advantage for the users of kindle voyage and will definitely be a strong selling point of this kindle.

As we have already mentioned that this amazing E-book reader comes in two variants one is Wi-Fi only version priced at Rs. 16499 and other is Wi-Fi+3G variant which is priced a bit higher at Rs. 20499. Both the variants will offer an awesome and comfortable reading experience to all the book worms out there and further strengthen the Amazon’s stronghold in the E-book reader segment.

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