Ban Lifted on Xiaomi Devices till January 8

xiaomi_red_rice_phoneAs per the reports from the Press Trust of India, the Delhi High Court has lifted the ban on the sale of Xiaomi devices in India and has permitted the importation of some devices, running on Qualcomm chipsets, till the 8th of January, 2015

Only the devices running on Qualcomm Processor will be allowed to be sold in India, which means the Xiaomi Redmi 1S will be available for sale as it runs on Qualcomm Snapdragonn 400 chipset. However the Redmi Note won’t be available for sale or import as it runs on MediaTek MT6592 chipset.

Last week, Xiaomi was banned from assembling or importing or selling their devices in India and even Flipkart was asked not to sell Xiaomi devices, as the handsets of the Chinese Smartphone manufacturing company runs on a technology originally patented by Ericsson.

Ericsson had accused Xiaomi of infringement on its patents and had directed the custom authorities to prevent the sale of devices that infringe their patent. They had sued the company for violating eight of their patents pertaining to AMR, EDFE and 3G technologies in the field of telecommunication. Ericsson had initially invited Xiaomi to obtain an official license for using their patented technology but the Chinese company had gone forth and launched their devices in the Indian market from July 2014 without heeding to their words.

The court order forced Xiaomi to investigate carefully on the matter and assess their legal options pertaining to the patenting rights. Until then, Xiaomi is allowed to enjoy sales in India till the 8th of January.

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