BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.1 rolling out with access to Android Apps

BB-10-3-1-660x400 This Thursday, BlackBerry rolled a major software update with access to android apps, and a number of features including Blend!

According to the company, BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.1 allows users to access  both BlackBerry World app store and the Amazon app store with a  number of applications which were previously unavailable for BlackBerry  smartphones. The latest update also features BlackBerry Blend which proved  extremely impressive, when unveiled last year!

BlackBerry Blend allows users to get message notifications, read and respond to professional and personal mails and messages while accessing other files, calendar, contacts and media on the device. This feature works on a number of operating systems including Apple’s Mac OS, Microsoft’s Windows OS, and tablets running Android OS!

The software upgrade also introduces the all new BlackBerry assistant, which is a digital assistant capable of working through voice or text commands. By using this feature, you can access a number of applications, and manage email, contacts, and calendar in a matter of minutes! No doubt, BlackBerry assistant has been designed to offer tough competition to Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s S voice.

According to carrier approval, this update will begin to roll out this Thursday for all customer around the world with BlackBerry 10 devices!

Access to android applications and additional improvements will play a big part in improving the functioning and efficiency of BlackBerry 10 devices! The update is supposed to roll out globally, and will bring great features for performance lovers.

So, if you’re owning a BlackBerry 10 device like Z10, Q10 or Z30, be ready to access android applications right from the official BlackBerry and Amazon App store! This update is one of the biggest improvements from BlackBerry, and is sure to deliver great results.

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