BlackBerry Leap Review: A Fine Phone With Some Major Flaws

blackberry leap reviewBlackBerry used to be a prestigious brand and the owners of the BlackBerry devices took pride in having the best devices. But, unfortunately, Blackberry couldn’t keep up with the fast changing technology world and began to lose in the battle. They are now trying to come with different innovative devices in the budget segment to attract the customers. In their latest attempt, BlackBerry Leap was launched in India for a hefty price tag of Rs. 21,490. Is it worth the price tagged? Let’s check out in our BlackBerry Leap review.


Like every BlackBerry device, Leap is even a god looking device with better than average design. The textured back and mate finish gives it a good feel in the hand. The rubberized finish gives it a better grip. The Leap looks very similar to the BlackBerry Z3 that was launched last year. The front is dominated by a fairly large 5-inch display with earpiece and sensors above it. The back of the device houses the camera module with LED flash and the speaker grill on the bottom side.


The display size of 5 inches is quite good and is adequate for on handed use. The major flaw comes with the screen resolution. The BlackBerry Leap has a 720p display that is groundbreaking from nowhere. The text and images are fairly sharp and the color reproduction of the screen is just right. The area that leaves us disappointed is the sunlight legibility, which could have been much better. Overall the display is just okay and there is nothing special to talk about.

Performance & OS

BlackBerry has done really done too wrong in the performance segment. While the world is moving towards advanced processors with ten cores, Leap is still stuck with an ancient dual-core processor. BlackBerry has put in a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960 processor which is being used by the company since the Z10 was introduced. Apart from this, BB has thrown in a respectable 2GB of RAM which is adequate for most tasks. But the RAM can’t do all alone; we were able to spot several lags in the day to day tasks as well as while switching apps.

The BlackBerry Leap comes loaded with BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 which is the latest one from the BB OS world. It comes with some cosmetic and functional changes over its predecessors. The OS mainly focuses on the messaging and communication capabilities and even excels in them but it lacks behind because of lack of naïve third party apps. BlackBerry devices give an option to side load Android apps by way of APK files that are available online with ease. It also comes preloaded with Amazon Appstore using which you can intall various third party apps.

The battery of 2800 mAh capacity gives it enough juice to last a full working day normal to moderate usage. There is nothing special in battery department and BlackBerry needs to work in this department. The device comes with all basic connectivity features that include Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, etc. The BlackBerry Leap comes with 16GB of internal storage which can be expanded up to 128GB. The internal memory should be enough for basic apps and a few games installed on the device.


The device comes packed with the back camera of 8MP with LED flash and a front facing camera of resolution 2MP. The camera app offers various filters and also offers Time Shift feature that makes you select the best photo from a series of photos clicked. When compared to BlackBerry Z3, the daylight shots came out pretty good. The low light images were more detailed than the Z3’s images but were a bit grainy. The front camera is good just for casual selfies and uploads on social media, nothing else. The rear camera is capable of capturing 1080p videos and front camera can shoot 720p videos. The videos looked quite well in broad light conditions.


At a price of Rs. 21,490, the BlackBerry Leap has nothing to appreciate about. It is an OK device with some OK specifications. At this price, there are many other capable devices available in the market like Xiaomi Mi 4, OnePlus One, etc. As of now, we will not recommend to buy this device until its prices fall below Rs. 10,000. The reason for not giving a thumbs-up to this device is majorly is processor, which makes the phone slowest of all.

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