BlackBerry Passport Review

BlackBerry_PassportWell, that’s an odd way to start with as in the world of cookie cutter rectangular smartphones, the BlackBerry Passport definitely stands out due to  its unique design. With its square oddity 4.5 inch screen and a three-row physical keyboard, you get mixed reactions at the very first glance.  On the one hand, some people think it’s a beautiful design, while on the other there are some who certainly find it ugly. Whether they love its beauty or not, but everyone would most definitely gives the BlackBerry Passport a second glance.

Of-course, there’s more to the Passport than its odd and poor shape. The BlackBerry smartphone has been targeted for those professionals who want to be more productive.

Look and feel


The Passport is an odd duck, because of its unsual shape and size with perfectly squared 1:1 screen, with a space beneath it for a three-line keyboard. This makes the device more wider slightly taller than the actual passport, heavier and thicker. It may come in your jacket pocket but it will be awkward to take it inside your trouser’s pocket. It is also humble to hold and carry the device.

Form and The Keyboard


BlackBerryPassportKeyboardBlackBerry is well known for building tough  smartphones who can take a knock or two, and the Passport seems like built in the same mould, but it is claimed to be more tougher than its predecessors. However, the phone is tougher but the form needs to be get used to. At 196 grams, the Passport is anything but light and holding this oddly shaped device and typing takes some balancing and trials, specially when one is holding
the device by the bottom to type. So it’s not an easy board to master in a few days but once you do, you have access to a powerful tool.

The Screen

The screen is the second unique thing about the BlackBerry. The squared 4.5″ display put an impressive resolution at 453 PPI, but surely that’s not the key USP. As already mentioned, it has a purpose built screen for displaying more information than normally seen on other smartphone screen.

For instance- those who don’t appreciate MS excel spreadsheets, the reading experience of an e-book or desktop webpage. Some professional like doctors will be encouraged by the unique screen because they don’t need rectangular screens for the display of the medical images. The display is crisp and performs well under sunlight and viewing agles are sharp.


As expected, the Passport is well-built, comes with clever engineering and software service. It is fantastically quick and responsive.
It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 2.2 GHz Quad-Core CPUs and an Adreno 330, 450 MHz GPU, aided by 3 GB of RAM, the Passport is snappy when it comes to performance and blazes through most tasks. It can run upto 10 apps simultaneously at the same time and will show up as live tiles. It also has 32 GB of on-board memory that can be expanded by another 128 GB through a microSD card.


On to battery life, which has always been one of the BlackBerry’s strengths. And with a large 3,450 mAh integrated non-removable battery, to keep your phone alive and kicking, it’s still a solid experience. BlackBerry claims 30 hours of life with mixed use, but for the average user it should last around 1.5 days, and some more.



When it comes to a Smartphone, camera is the primary focus. BlackBerry was never known for its cameras. But the BlackBerry Passport
has changed the culture with its stunning 13 megapixel camera with optical stablisation (OIS) and a 5-element f2.0 lens. There’s also a 2 megapixel camera on the front, but frankly it’s passable and nowhere close to the selfie-specialist phones. Video recording at 1080p HD is possible with the rear camera while the front one offers 720p video recording with video stabilisation.


The Passport is the first BlackBerry to feature the new 10.3 release of blackBerry 10. There are some significant improvements in the Hub, the universal inbox. There’s a new ‘Instant Action’ feature to enable users manage messages better with a single click. This helps make deletion rate faster, mark as read or unread much quicker and you can even reply without entering a message. There’s also ‘Advanced Interaction’ where your Passport’s sensors can be used to switch to mute when placed face down and while also going into power saving mode or waking up the smartphone when you pick it up from a flat surface.



-Keyboard doubles as touchpad
-Long Battery life
-Good Camera
-Robust build
-Outstanding outdoor visibility


-Too big handset, cannot be used one handed
-Difficult keyboard to get used to
-Awkward size and shape
-App selection is better but it needs to be improved
-Occasional unwanted pauses in performance

One thing is for sure. You can love or hate it, but you have to admit it that the BlackBerry Passport is truly one of innovative streak. It’s your choice whether you want a high-end phone with a physical keyboard. No doubt, the Passport takes some getting used to it but once you do, it’s
surprisingly an awesome handset with fantastic battery backup and camera. Working professionals should go for it because of its 1:1 screen. BlackBerry’s Passport might finally win hearts of its customers not only by becoming a savior but also by one of the milestones in BlackBerry’s attempt to create innovation.

When you have read the review now you can make a decision to buy it or not. BlackBerry Passport Price in India on  Flipkart is Rs. 49,990


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