BlackBerry Ties up With Google to Secure “Android for Work”

The Blackberry sign is pictured in WaterlooBlackBerry says that it has been working with Google to utilize its software for managing, improving and securing android devices. This feature from BlackBerry was the reason behind its recent partnership with Samsung and other high-profile  players in the field of technology!

In the month of November, BlackBerry highlighted its partnership with  Samsung electronics and other technology companies for broadening the  efficiency of mobile device management, and security platform. The security solution provided by this company has been a prime highlight of Samsung Galaxy devices powered with Google’s Android OS.

However, BlackBerry announced a similar tie-up with Google for improving devices which have been equipped with Android for Work, a perfect solution from Google to separate business and personal data securely!

Along with announcing BES12 support for Android for Work, BlackBerry also mentioned that it has been broadening its cross platform resources through services like BBM meeting, BBM protected, VPN authentication by BlackBerry and WorkLife by BlackBerry. Plus, it was also mentioned that the general release of BES12 support for Android for Work will be initiated in second quarter of 2015!

BlackBerry’s role in Android for Work has reinforced its commitment towards being a cynic mobile services provider rather than a platform or hardware maker. Google on the other hand, is sure to provide enhanced mobile security and a sense of satisfaction for maximum security of corporate and personal data!

Following this announcement, BlackBerry’s shares got a huge rise on the NASDAQ. Shares rose 4.3 percent to $10.71 and its absolutely clear that this partnership between two technology giants is sure to bring out great results in terms of security of professional as well as personal data.


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