CES 2015: What is There in Store for You!

CES2015Poster2015 is here, and all of us are geared up to give 2014 a fitting farewell. And with 2015 just underway all the tech enthusiasts also have something phenomenal to look forward to and that is the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015.

CES, the exquisite and thrilling tech event, is a platform where all the major players in the Consumer Electronics industry gather to announce and showcase their newest products and latest gadgets. Tablets and Smartphones thus makes for an integral part of the event.

So with the CES 2015 just round the corner, some of the products expected to be announced or launched which are based solely on rumours, leaks and speculation are listed below. So read through and gear up for the Mega Event.

Samsung Corner

Samsung is believed to announce its latest flagship Smartphone – the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 which has undergone major redesigning from the scratch to give it a more premium and desirable look. There are also rumours of the Samsung S6 Edge also being announced which is a variant having its screen curved on both ends. The hype around these two Smartphones is gradually increasing.

Sony Corner

Sony with its peculiar habit of bringing in an upgrade cycle every 6 months makes us speculate that there is a high chance of their announcing their next generation of the flagship Xperia Z series Smartphone. Sony has officially announced its press conference for CES 2015 and also came out with a teaser video which suggests the introduction of an ultra-thin Smartphone or tablet in the event. Rumours of what one may find in the Xperia Z4 are around but the fact that it will be much better than the Xperia Z3 can be easily understood.

HTC Corner

HTC came out with its latest Smartphone – the One M8 this year, which though impressive lacks a bit when compared to its competitors. So HTC is rumoured to set records right and announce their new flagship under the codename of ‘Hima (M9)’, in CES 2015. Hima is expected to carry a stunning spec sheet with great hardware and processors. There is also persistent rumours of two different variants being introduced – the Hima Ultra and the Hima Ace, which will be the former’s toned down versions.

Xiaomi Corner

Xiaomi has taken the market by storm in 2014, rapidly making its way to the top of the list, which makes us believe that they won’t shy away from announcing there latest flagship product – the Xiaomi Mi 5 (or Mi 4S). The leaked images of the product undoubtedly elevates it to be a head turner having an impressive screen-to-body ratio, razor thin bezels and ‘sapphire glass’ display in an impressive price tag of only $325.

LG Corner

LG is all set to announce the much awaited LG G Flex Frame or you may say the LG G Flex 2 – the successor to LG’s G Flex. The self-healing, free bending Smartphone is ready to make a grand return though the hardware specs still remain unclear. But the fact that it will carry a smaller screen than its predecessor’s 6 inch screen with a much better resolution is surely on the cards. Now we can hope that LG does come up with a breath-taking gadget without repeating its earlier discrepancies.

Asus Corner

Asus has officially announced its press event for CES 2015, where it is sure to unveil its latest generation of the Zenfone Smartphones. Rumours indicate Asus will go forward with the plans to launch a 5.5 inch Zenfone, to add to its 4, 5 and 6 inch handset series. The new models will all carry the Intel Processors as announced by Asus’ CEO, but rumours has it that some may even sport SoCs from other manufacturers as well.

So keep your eyes and ears open for the CES 2015 to be held from the 6th to 9th January and get a valuable insight to what the tech market has in store for you in 2015.

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