Cyanogen No More A Part Of OnePlus Branding

OneplusThe most talked about aspect of OnePlus One is gone now. OnePlus is now known to ship handsets worldwide which donot contain the Cyanogen tramp stamp anymore on the back cover. Rumours are afloat that the brand’s unresolved issues with Micromax in the country have led to the discontinuation of its software that was exclusive once upon a time.

But, hopes are not all dead. OnePlus has recently brought in public the name of its fresh mobile OS derived from Android by Google. The new OS has been called the OxygenOS. The brand has already set high expectations by declaring that the OS is a no hassle UX.

But if one looks at the brighter side, OnePlus is actually at a better place. Now, the hardware and the software both would come from the manufacturer itself. This ensures that OnePlus can now add numerous One specific attributes that would make it desirable to the customers.

Handset without Cyanogen branding.

Handset without Cyanogen branding.

Cyanogen is on the other hand struggle for its own might with Google due to its plans of building a software that would leave Android behind. Microsoft and other market giants are backing Cyanogen’s new venture.


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