Cyanogen OS Eyeing to Bundle Microsoft Application Programs & Services

Cyanogen OSCyanogen, the startup that wishes to seize Android from search giant Google, has an influential novel associate: Microsoft. The two firms formally declared a long-alleged “strategic affiliation” on Thursday that will put Microsoft’s application programs as well as services on Cyanogen devices during 2015.

Cyanogen is a customized edition of Android, which doesn’t depend upon the Google’s Play Store plus other services of the search giant. This model is mainly alluring in market zones such as China — where Google Play is absent — and other nations where 3rd party application stores are already in demand. Joining hands with the software company will permit Cyanogen to pack Microsoft’s productivity application programs such as Outlook, Skype, Bing, Office, and others onto its gadgets.

Microsoft will generate custom editions of these application programs for Cyanogen operating system, like the way it made specialized application programs for Amazon’s Fire operating system. Microsoft’s application’s won’t necessarily come pre-set up on the handsets and users will always be capable of deleting the application programs they don’t wish for, a Cyanogen representative said.

“Given the intricacy of phone makers, distribution techniques, and carriers, there is over one method MSFT application programs can turn up,” a spokesperson for the firm wrote in an email. “Cyanogen is proclaimed on user choice with an open OS, which is bestowing best in class products and services to customers. MSFT application programs will come out in a context manner and will always be capable of being downloaded.”

A joint venture between the two firms had been buzzed since the start of the year when the media reports stated Microsoft was looking to invest around $70 million in the firm. It’s not comprehensible what the financial association between the 2 firms is — Microsoft was not named when Cyanogen declared an $80 million round of funding during the past month, though at the time, the firm recognized “several yet to be declared associates.”


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