Delhi Government Might Launch Sting App To Fight Corruption

samsung_galaxy_s6_edge_reuters_3In a bid to continue the fight against corruption, the Aam Aadmi Party led Delhi Government is gearing up more on the technological front and focusing more on the role of common man this time. Delhi Government is reported to be working on a mobile application known as “Sting App” as of now. This new app will be the weapon of the common people in this fight against corruption. According to a senior official, the government is developing an app which will enable the users to record audio and video of the ongoing conversations without letting the other person even knowing that a sting operation is going on. Apart from it. It is also reported that as soon as the app will be launched it will automatically switch off the display dark with the smartphone appearing to be switched off.

This is not it, the audio or video recorded with this app will be automatically transferred to secure servers dedicated for this purpose. It is also reported that in case a mobile being damaged the data will not be lost, it will be automatically transferred to the secure servers monitored by govt. staff. This data can be used as evidence in carrying the probe further against the corrupt officials. This is definitely a good move on the behalf of Delhi Government and it is looking to launch the Sting app within a month’s time to empower the common man to take part in the ongoing battle against corruption.

Other than this, Delhi Government is also launching their anti-corruption helpline “1031” starting April 5. Anybody harassed for bribes can directly lodge a complaint against the official asking for bribe by dialling this helpline number. It seems like Delhi Government is gearing again for a fierce battle against corruption and will be tightening the noose around the neck of corrupt officials in coming days.

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