Facebook Launches a New App Facebook Lite to Work at all Network Conditions

Facebook liteFacebook today has launched the Facebook Lite App, a new version for Android which is stated to use a less data and works well on all network conditions.

Facebook claims to have More than Billion people around the globe from a range of mobile devices on varying networks that are slow at and not supported by all the functionality found on Facebook. In order to overcome this problem for mobile users, Facebook Lite is introduced which is built to give people a reliable Facebook experience when bandwidth is at a minimum.

The Facebook Lite is of 1MB in size, but it runs fast, installs quickly and loads swiftly. The app also includes all the Facebook’s core experiences like News Feed, Status Update, photos, notifications and more.

The company has started rolling out the app in all the countries in Asia, and in coming weeks Facebook Lite will be available to use in parts of Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Last week, two interns on Facebook created a piece of handiwork that more than 26 million Facebook users took advantage of the rainbow filter. The rainbow filter was created by two Facebook interns at an internal hackathon the company last week. The company divulged in a statement on Monday that It became so popular internally and the company asked them to refine the filter for public use.

Many celebrities landed on Facebook to set a trend like Elizabeth Banks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Andy Cohen, Anne Hathway and E.L. James. Whilst, Arnold Schwarzenegger got in on the act and one fan placed his disapproval, writing “What’s wrong with U Arnie? I have to unlike,” to which Schwarzenegger replied simply, “Hasta la vista.”

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