Five Symptoms to That Tells you – Your Phone is About to die

Smart or not smart,  mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our existence. From official mails to love chats, it is our phone that keeps all our secrets safe. But at the end of the day, it is a device with chips  and keys and is equally prone to damage and ailment like any other mechanical device. Below we list five most evident symptoms shown by mobile phones that indicate something seriously wrong with the gadget.

  1. Appearance of random bands or flickers on the screen :flickers or bands on the screen.

The mobile phone screen is the component of  primary importance in a mobile phone. Apart from being the most delicate, it is also the most sensitive part of the device. Appearance of bands and flickers point to issues with the panel or the data cable that is known to feed the panel. These problems do not resolve with time, but only make things more difficult. The owner is needed to take it to the service centre without much delay.



  1. Heating excessively and a subsequent slowing down:excessive heating.

Present day phones are provided with a lot of fire power and they are not seen to heat up even after prolonged operation. But if one finds that his phone is heating up abnormally even without any operation then such heating is somewhat a sign of an issue that is more worrying than it looks.It can cause the gadget to conk off at any given time.One must never take overheating lightly. It is recommended to get a service check done immediately. There are ample instances of phones exploding due to overheating.


  1. Unnecessary shut downs and reboots: Shutdowns and reboots.

This is one issue normally neglected by the users. Unnecessary shut downs and reboots indicate lessening battery life and call for immediate battery replacement. There are devices in which the battery isn’t easily replaceable. It becomes a serious impediment for such devices.


  1. Unresponsive buttons:Unresponsive buttons.

Although most smartphones are touch smart or swipe operated, but there are one or two physical buttons that power and activate the gadget. Normally, an unresponsive button doesn’t point at a dead phone but with the power button not working, the phone doesn’t power up or start up, so it becomes as lame as dead. One needs to take response lags in the buttons pretty seriously.


5.Crashing apps and Operating System:Crashing apps and rebooting OS.

At times, the phone gets a new OS update that proves to be quite unstable or a new application that wrecks up the device. But on many occasions, when there hasn’t been any OS update or an app installation but there are sudden app crashes and OS rebooting. This indicates the flash memory undergoing issues (RAM or ROM). Under such circumstances, one needs to back up the phone and go for a complete restore. If that doesn’t solve the problem, a trip to the service centre stands mandatory.

problems with phones, however small should be checked in due time, or else, the entire smart set up might be the cause of a not so smart trouble.


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