Free WhatsApp Voice Call: How to Enable It on Your Android Smartphone [Update]

WhatsApp Voice CallThe voice calling feature on WhatsApp is being tested from much time now and has even leaked several times. The reason for the delay is that WhatsApp wanted to bring the feature without any bugs. And finally WhatsApp has launched the feature for Android devices. For getting the feature enabled, you need the latest version of the app that is available on Google Play Store.

A few weeks back, the voice calling feature was rolled out to some users, but the invite window got closed very soon. Most of the people were not able to get the feature enabled in their app. Whatsapp has followed same invite system this time too. WhatsApp still hasn’t officially announced the feature on its website and the Play Store notes don’t even say about it. iPhone has also been left aside despite the fact that the calling button appeared in the iOS app some time ago.

How to enable it on your Android smartphone-

  1. Download or Update the latest version of WhatsApp from the Play Store. The calling feature will only work on version 2.11.561. Any other version will not work. So make sure that this version is the one that is available in your area, else wait for a couple of days, the update may arrive soon.
  2. Next you need to get a WhatsApp call from a person who has got this feature enabled in his/her app.

The steps are fairly easy and you can enable the feature if all is done correctly. Though, finding someone to call you on WhatsApp may be a bit difficult.

After you have completed these steps, just reopen the app and the whole UI of the app would have been changed. The WhatsApp home screen will now feature three tabs- Calls, Chats and Contacts. The chats and calls will be separated in different tabs and your entire WhatsApp call log will be available at one place. The voice call can also be made from the person’s chat window.

Update 1- It seems that the voice calling feature in WhatsApp has been withdrawn from the app. WhatsApp released the app with voice calling on Play Store and withdrew it the next day via pushing another update. Those who could enable the voice calling feature through an invite will retain the feature. And those who have updated the app next day, without enabling the feature, will no longer be able to make calls, at least for now.

Update 2- Today (31 March 2015), WhatsApp has finally made the calling feature available for every Android user. You just need to update your app to the latest version from the Google Play Store and the feature will get activated automatically. WhatsApp has eliminated the requirement of an invite to enable calling feature.

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