Get your first 60 seconds of international call free on Google Hangout

google hangoutGoogle Hangout is getting popular by the day. Search Engine King, Google now offers first minute of international calls absolutely free through its Hangout app. The strategy is aimed to give a philip to its popularity. Users loved Google hangout because the app provided them with the facility of calling their friends within country free of cost. However, when the users tried to call their loved ones outside the country, they were charged. Now, users can call their friends and loved ones who are living outside the country. You can now use Hangout for international calls and the first minute is on Google.


Users can think that 60 second is not enough for an international call, however, a short conversation can certainly take place in these 60 seconds. Also, after the first 60 seconds, users will be charged 1 cent per minute which is around 60 paise. In order to get the facility of this free one minute calling facility, users have to share their credit card details with Google.


Using Google Hangout is easy. You just have to download Hangout app from Google playstore and start hangout chat and calling. This feature will work for every Hangouts clients, like the iOS app, Android app and even web version.
This new feature of 1 minute free calls will work in 25 countries including India. Below is the list of country where you can use Hangout for 1 minute free calling:






-Dominican Republic













-South Korea




-the United Kingdom

-the United States.


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