Google launched Android Pay to Counter Apple Pay

Flexible SmartwatchAndroid Pay, a pay-with-a-phone system was launched for Android devices by Google. Google has launched the app to challenge its adversary Apple in mobile payments. In San Francisco, Google developers unveiled Android Play has a feature of together mobile carriers, payment networks, banks and retailers to allow users of Smartphone to pay through the app instead of using payment cards.

Dave Burke, Vice President of Google engineering services said that Android Play app is efficient to work in more than 7,00,000 US retail outlets which accept contactless payments. “We are at the start of an exciting journey, we are working closely with payment networks, banks and developers,” he said.

Last year, Apple pay system was launched.  Android Play works similar to Apple Pay that allows users to store credit card information in their devices and also has loyalty cards and other data. Android Pay also has security features that generate a one-time token or virtual account number the credit card information is not divulged while transaction.

Burke said, “Users can simply and safely use their Android phone to pay in stores where you see an Android Pay logo,” he added, “We are focused on simplicity, security and choice.”

In February, Google was striking a partnership with the mobile phone payment firm Softcard that will allow Google Wallet to be pre-installed “tap to play app” on Android smartphones. However, the company has not announced the roll-out of android play but said it would be available on Google play for download soon.

Primarily Apple’s iOS and Android rule the smartphone market globally. To sustain their market position, the companies are taking their chances at potentially profitable of shopping or other financial transactions. In an attempt to compete Apple in every possible way, Google has also announced “Android M” version of operating system that comes with the support of fingerprint-checking similar to that of the feature of Apple’s latest iPhones and iPads for security.

“The things they announced today are good, but the ‘M’ doesn’t stand for ‘Major,  Current Analysis research director Avi Greengart told AFP at the gathering. Some of the improvements are Google playing catch-up in payments and fingerprint recognition.”

Google has showcased upgrades for Android-powered Smartwatches that features gesture controls and will be able to distinguish between actions such as push ups and golf club swings. Although, the company gave no clue that the new Pay feature will extend to Smartwatches similar to that of Apple’s smartwatches.

During an on-stage presentation, David Singleton, Android wear Director said,” We love watches, they have always been this incredible mix of beauty and technology.” Singleton said that Google is trying to strike a partnership with hardware makers to produce seven different kinds of Android Smartwatches.

More than 4,000 applications are customized for Android-powered Smartwatches. According to the research report released in May, the Apple Watch is stimulating the emerging smartwatch market and is expected to be the top seller in the segment for next few years.

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