HTC Brings Uh-Oh Protection Plan for the One Line of Devices

Uh-Oh Protection PlanHTC has announced the ‘Uh-Oh’ protection plan for their flagship devices in the One series. HTC has promised to give a free replacement in a case of water damage, screen crack or a carrier switch (valid only in countries like USA, where devices are locked to carriers). All this would be valid just for first twelve months from the date of purchase.

The Uh-Oh plan was much hyped and it was announced at an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. Jason Mackenzie, President, HTC America announced that the plan would be available for the latest HTC One M9 and last year’s HTC One M8. Unfortunately, the Uh-Oh plan is only for the US consumers. Plans to roll out the protection plan to other countries are still unknown. HTC also announce that the HTC One M9 will be available through carriers in the US starting April 10.

Under the new Uh-Oh protection plan, HTC will offer only one free replacement phone for any sort of physical damage. The physical damages that HTC will accept are damage from water, cracked screen and carrier change. In case the customer does not want the replacement device, HTC will offer $100 off on the customer’s next HTC One purchase.

The plan will cover the HTC One M8 devices purchased between April 10, 2015 and August 31, 2015. And the HTC One M9 purchased before August 31, 2015 will be covered under the one year Uh-Oh protection plan.

HTC claims that the replacement device of HTC One M8 and One M9 will be delivered the next day even before sending the damaged device. The process will require a hold of $299 in the user’s credit card until HTC receives the damaged phone. The other option is to send the damaged device to HTC with a prepaid slip provided by HTC. Once the device reaches HTC, you will receive the replacement device within two days. This process does not require any credit card.

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