HTC One E9 Plus Review: A Bargain Compared to the HTC One M9 Plus

htc_one_e9_plus_official_chinaHTC has created a trend of polycarbonate/plastic in the market. The company offers a metal clad on HTC One M9 Plus while the E9 plus is cheap. The phone has a price tag of Rs. 10,000 which is lower than the HTC One M9 Plus and also performs the same. This means only that the HTC One E9 Plus is a bargain compared to the HTC One M9 Plus. We have enunciated some of the positive and negative aspect of the device and arrived at a conclusion.

Design and build

The HTC E9 Plus hardware is wrapped in a matte finish polycarbonate body much like the HTC One E8. The E9 Plus has it on the back while, the E8 has matte on the front, although, the changes have brought some difference in design elements such as curved back that have affected ergonomics.

The One E9 Plus’s design is closer to the more inexpensive HTC Desire series. The phone does try to create its own identity through the large camera module at the back, but the overall ‘Desire like’ look defeats the purpose.

The build quality of the Desire phone like the HTC Desire 826 wasn’t impressive and the E9 Plus’s build quality is no difference. However, the fit and finish components, the speaker, the clicky button layout, the device have retained some of the panache. Certainly, HTC knows how to make a well built and sturdy smartphone. But the negative aspects were the device lacks the signature curved back and a ludicrous large camera bump.

UI and Display

The handset ahs the same old UI but comes with a secondary camera at the back and the fingerprint scanner. The smartphone runs on Android Lollipop and Sense 7 UI on top of it.

There’s a difference between the display in M9 Plus and E9 Plus, the former one had a definite pinkish hue to it while the latter one’s display has an almost perfect display. E9 Plus has a brighter display that enables the user to view at any light conditions and the sharpness and slightly saturation (which is current bandwagon) is at the right amount.


The HTC One E9 Plus has MediaTek Helio X10 which is slightly underclocked but works buttery smooth. All the tasks performed from browsing to heavy gaming were dealt easily. Although, the pixel shader of the GPU is not up to the mark, I was on the expectation that objects either lose their texture or look completely of a single solid colour. Overall, the phone is very capable.

The call quality and reception is good and the audio quality of the phone is one of the best I have heard, following the HTC devices with Boom sound.


The phone works well in regular usage, but the phone loses its battery faster while playing a game. Although, the handsets sustains its battery just over a day when used a five to six calls and an hour of social media and some videos.


The handset sports a 20MP camera similar to the HTC One M9 Plus features. It comes with all its drawbacks such as it lacks dynamic range and useless HDR mode. The handset struggles while taking the clicking photos and results with a yellowish tint. It also lacks low-light photography and slow focus. The device has a 20MP camera it takes an average image in the daytime. The front-facing camera is good, but I have seen better front-facing cameras in phones which cost half as much as this, the Mi4 for example.

The Verdict

Similar to the Socs of the HTC One M9 Plus, the handset doesn’t have very strong specifications although, it does show promise in some aspects and lacks in some. The handset is inexpensive as compared to the M9 Plus but actually a better phone than HTC’s current flagship.  Compared to Nexus 6  I won’t recommend the HTC One E9 Plus over it but it is no denying that the E9 Plus is a good competitor in its price range, similar to its predecessor HTC One E8.

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