HTC One M9 Review: The Best One till Date

HTC One M9 ReviewThe well-crafted, beautiful looking phone from HTC seems a jewel at first sight. The metal finish with dual-tone color gives it an striking design. The latest flagship from HTC is loaded with some of the best specs, but is it good enough to be purchased? We check it out to give you and answer.


Do we need to say anything about the HTC One M9? It is a masterpiece! The metal build design is well balanced and the premium finish of the device gives a very good feel in the hand. Being made mostly out of metal, the phone feels solid and the weight is evenly distributed. HTC has made some changes compared to its predecessor. The power key has been moved to side. Despite bearing the same screen size of 5 inches, the height of the One M9 has been shrunk. The color variant with silver-gold combo looks very premium just like any premium wrist watch. But other color variants also look good.


HTC chose to keep the screen size intact at 5 inches and the resolution is even unchanged. The resolution of 1920×1080 is still very good and text & pictures on the device look very detailed. The screen size of 5 inches is adequate to the phone and use with one hand, and is large enough to consume media. The display is bright and rich in color reproduction. The bad part of the display is that the color temperature is on the colder side when compared to One M8, and looks a bit greenish too. Going with 1080p display will definitely help in saving some battery.

Performance & Battery

Ticking every point for the spec sheet, HTC has tried to bring in every high end specs into the phone. HTC One M9 comes with the mightier Snapdragon 810 processor that has eight cores for better power management. The processor is coupled with 3 gigs of RAM that is enough for anything you through at it. Everything on the device feels snappier from any of its predecessors. Opening and closing apps didn’t show up any lag or delay and it is very fast for all day-to-day works.

The device comes with all the connectivity features that any top of the line smartphone should have. The One M9 supports 4G connectivity and it works fairly well. The call quality and connectivity to cellular network was good and even in the areas with less coverage the device managed to work well. The Boom Sound speakers have been improved and now come with a quality mark from Dolby. This makes it even better and one of the best in the market.

The battery on the device is 2800 mAh, which at first seems very small. But the algorithms so well that it gives much better battery life than the One M8. The credits go to the 1080p display that consumes lesser power than what QHD display would have consumed.


Since two years, HTC has been trying to explain that megapixels have nothing to do with image quality. Their UltraPixel technology was a massive letdown last year. The One M9 has a 20 MP camera (made by Sony) at the back and UltraPixel camera on the front. The camera is again a letdown despite having more pixels. The camera is only useful in broad daylight condition and image quality in other condition is worst for a flagship phone. The front UltraPixel camera is much better than the rear camera.


The HTC One M9 is not a huge leap from the One M8 but it is definitely a good upgrade. The design is beautiful and best in class, the display is good and performance is unmatchable. The letdown was the camera which was not at all expected. It would be a great upgrade if you are using a 2-year old HTC One M7, otherwise wait for something better. The Indian pricing for the device is expected to be announced soon and we’ll surely let you know then.

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