HTC & Samsung all set to fix Back Camera Problems

htc_one_m9_rear_cameraAccompanying lots of media as well as user reports, HTC has begun issuing a system software upgradation, which claims to repair issues with the back camera of its popular smartphone, HTC One M9.

During MWC this year, a lot of people witnessed a few problems with HTC One M9’s back camera, but, at that point of time, the company had guaranteed them that the phone would obtain upgraded software before release.

The release of the update got confirmed by the company’s chief, Jason Mackenzie, in an answer to a Twitter user.

Jason stated that the rear camera would witness software up-gradation set to come out soon. Some carrier versions will witness the update start to roll out by the coming week, he also said.

Samsung Galaxy S6On the other hand, a few Samsung Galaxy S6 units have a virus, which is leading to a continuous camera ‘Flash On’ problem for users.

Whilst sale facts of the Galaxy S6 as well as Galaxy S6 Edge begins on Friday, a few early purchasers of the Galaxy S6 are stating that the camera flash stays continuously turned on, even if the handset is switched off.

The flash doesn’t lit as vivid as it normally would be, however the indistinctly -lit flash is easily visible, said users on the XDA Developers discussion chart on Wednesday. Thus far, the US carrier T-Mobile units of the Galaxy S6 and a few unlocked handsets sold in the Saudi Arabian market reportedly boast the problem.

The company has been made attentive of the virus by users, and according to XDA report the firm has guaranteed that it will offer a firmware fix, however didn’t mention any time period.

“Unluckily, we are not capable to wonder on software updates,” Samsung replied to XDA.

Previously there were statements that a few Galaxy S6 Edge handsets transported by T-Mobile in the United States had faulty displays out-of-the-box, comprising injured screens and dull pixels.


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