iPhone 6 Dimensions Leak with 4.7 And 5.5 Inch designs

Apple-iphone-6Everybody is already expecting iPhone 6 to be launched this year, yet we have not got first sight of the actual iPhone 6.

The major contention is about the screen size. While speculation is rife that iPhone 6 will have a 4.7 inch screen because recently we saw parts of 4.7 inch iPhone 5s being used for a photo shoot. The possibility of a 5.5 inch screen can’t be denied, but very few leaks have pointed towards that. Well lastly, the images straight off a computer from the Foxconn factory floor, confirms that iPhone’s next generation is going to have a 5.5 inch design.


The aesthetic evaluation shows both the upcoming iPhone 6 design alongside the 5s, it gives us a better idea about upcoming iPhones. Remember, that these are indeed pictures and assessments of the prototype gadgets, which is according to the time on the computer shows as of the 12th of February 2014.


These images clearly show that there were definitely some prototypes of the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 marked as the N56. The diverse units differ in size, however, hover around 158.0 x 77.12 x 7 mm and 168.5 grams. Where as the 4.7 inch iPhone prototypes tagged as N61 measures around 138.14 x 66.97 x 6.9 mm with an unrevealed weight; indicating the fact that things had not been completely determined till that time.


One attribute of the latest iPhone is quite clear, and that is its camera unit which will jut out of the body by around 0.77mm. And it will be there in both of the iPhone 6 models. Certainly, it would annoy users have a phone that does not sit flat on a surface. Also, will end up clattering, if they will type on it. Another minute aspect to note here, is that the Power button was to be sure placed on the top of the device, although the recent units show to have been shifted to the sides. We just hope that these are only prototypes and Apple’s final iPhone 6 models will not feature protruding camera.


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