iPhone 6, Phone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s will be Available at Reduced Prices

iphone_6s_plus_appleAs anticipated following the launch of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus announcements, prices of the earlier versions of the iPhone have been reduced in India. However, the price cut isn’t as big as one would have expected considering the international standards.

In retail as well as on online the iPhone 6 will be available at Rs. 52,000 for 16GB model and 64GB model is available at Rs.62, 000, while the new iPhone 6 plus is now priced at Rs. 62, 000. The 16GB variant and 64GB variant are priced at Rs. 72,000. The older model of iPhone, iPhone 5s will now available at a price of Rs. 35, 000; 16GB and 32GB model at Rs 40, 000.

Meanwhile in the US, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are available at $100 (Rs.6650 approx), considering the price, the handsets in India have received a modest price cut. As compared to the last year price cut in India, the price cut is just Rs. 1500. The difference between the price cut is due to the complicated relationship of an Indian rupee and US dollar since the launch of iPhone 6 in India. Moreover, earlier this year, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus prices were altered. So compared to the MRPs earlier this week, which is a better reflection of the cut, the drop for the bigger iPhone models is Rs. 4,000. That makes the cut look better, but still not as high as one might have expected.

It is unlikely that the new iPhone 6s will be priced at Rs. 53, 000 as the iPhone 6 is available at Rs 52, 000. It is evident that iPhone 6s price will be close to Rs. 60, 000.

Apple has given its distributors a free hand for promoting and pushing the older iPhone models, and the MRPs mentioned above are only indicative. So, an offer for providing the iPhone 5s at sub-Rs. 30,000 is already on its way. This is good news for people who are looking for iPhone deals, the older iPhone deals are the best bet for you.

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