iPhone 6C Rear Shells Appear in Wild, Show a 4-inch Display

iPhone 6CNot many days have when it was reported that Apple would launch not one but three iPhones this year. The news about iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6C have been on the internet for some time now.

But now we have the images of actual real plastic casings of the iPhone 6C. The said device will not be an upgrade to iPhone 6, rather it would be a plastic variant of iPhone 5s. the leaked images show that the phone’s size would be similar to iPhone 5s which has a screen size of 4 inches.

At a glance, the rear shell looks very similar to the iPhone 5c. But on a closer look, the details and differences are clearly visible. First of all the LED flash cut out has been enlarged to an oval shape just like iPhone 5s. It will support the True Tone flash and the camera will not protrude as it does in the latest iPhone 6.

iPhone 6c

A grill mesh has also been added to the other side of the Lightning port. Speaker grill has been doubled to two rows as compared to iPhone 5c and has four holes for it. On the other side of Lightning port, there is a microphone grill with 6 holes in two rows, unlike a single hole on iPhone 5c.

The last leak about the iPhone 6C stated that it would be a female centric device with 4-inch size and rear shells made in different punchy colours. At the moment, Apple might have not thought the pricing of the upcoming devices but one of the Taiwan’s handset supply chain stated that the new plastic iPhone will be priced somewhere between $400 and $500 in the US.

Via: Future Supplier

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