Kolkata to be the First City to get Free 4G Wi-Fi Service

Park Street CalcuttaKolkata is in the process to become the first city in the country to offer free 4G WI-Fi service to its residents. Kolkata will become the first metro to have a 4G-enabled high-speed internet service. 4G is the fourth generation of internet connectivity and the latest technology to take the world by storm.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the 39th Calcutta International Book Fair on the 27th of February, West Bengal’s chief minister, Mamata Banerjee made this grand announcement. According to her insights, Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd., a company under the Reliance Industries Ltd. is planning to roll out this free 4G WI-Fi service to Kolkata, starting from Park Street and covering its adjoining areas.

The service is expected to start from the 5th of February at Park Street and then spread to the adjoining areas gradually, within the next week. It was also announced on the same stage by the Business Head East of Reliance Jio, Tarun Jhunjhunwala that this service will gradually expand more, and within two months will cover almost the entire face of Kolkata.

Kolkata thus, joins the likes of Taipei and Singapore who already offer free Wi-Fi to their residents. The service is expected to cover all the 146 Municipal wards in Kolkata and will remain absolutely free for the most of 2015. However, there hover some clouds on the aspect of really how free the services will be and what rate of speed one may expect from it.

However, the company has announced that initially there will be no constraint on the volume of downloads or surfing for the users. But the data transferring speed will depend on which Spectrum band, Reliance Jio plans to use for final execution.

Mamata Banerjee, in her speech congratulated Reliance for making Kolkata a fully Wi-Fi city and for transforming it to a smart, simple, secure and networked society. According to her, Kolkata is presently leading the way in the digital world.

The entire nation has been waiting for more than 5 years since 2010, for the 4G services to gain ground. In 2010, Reliance Jio had won the rights to the 4G radio waves in a super bidding war among corporate for the broadband wireless access Spectrum, leading to a huge level of anticipation gaining momentum for 5 years.

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