Lost your Phone? Now finding it is Easy!

track lost phoneIn this age, where one cannot do without one’s phone and heavily rely on it for regular activity, the thought of loosing or misplacing them always haunts one’s mind. And if God forbade, one’s phone does go missing, all hell breaks loose.

So it is always better to keep a backup to all your contacts and to put in optimum use the built-in methods to track the device which is available across all platforms. Neither does keeping lost phone settings on, saves you from constant stress but is highly effective too.

Below are given the steps across all the platforms, which you should follow to aid you in finding your phone once it goes missing

Android Platform

Android has the ‘Android Device Manager’ which works similar to the ‘Find My iPhone’, and allows you to use the device manager on the internet or from another Android device when downloaded. The steps are:

  1. Go to ‘Android Device Manager’.
  2. Sign in with the same Google account as your lost phone.
  3. You will see your device enlisted on the page.
  4. If that is not the device you are looking for, you can click the tiny down arrow beside the app name and choose the correct device to trace.
  5. Now tap on it to find the recent location of your device.

Even this app comes with more features and options like the ‘Ring’, ‘Lock’ and ‘Erase’. However, you need location access enabled in your missing device to make the feature work.

iOS Apple Platform

Apple has the in-built ‘Find My iPhone’ service which is one of the best modes of tracking your phone’s physical location and more. It needs to be switched on and aids you in tracking your lost device from another Apple gadget or the browser.

Primary steps are:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘iCloud’ > ‘Find My iPhone’
  2. Switch on the button next to ‘Find My iPhone’ to green.

The steps to follow while tracking the lost device from another device or browser are:

  1. Go to ‘App Store’ and download ‘Find My iPhone’ app.
  2. Sign in with your iCloud account you used in your iPhone.
  3. All the devices connected to that iCloud account will be listed in the app.
  4. Tap on any device you wish to trace or see its location.

The app also allows you not only to track your phone but also provides useful features like – ‘Play Sound’, ‘Lost Mode’ and ‘Erase iPhone’.

Windows Phone Platform

Even Window phone user’s need to be absolutely sure that the in-built ‘Find My Phone’ app is kept on, now when you still have your phone. The steps to put it On are:

  1. Go to ‘Setting’ > ‘Find My Phone’.
  2. Check the ‘Use push notifications’.
  3. Click on ‘Save my phone’s location periodically and before the battery runs out’
  4. Now go to ‘Settings’ again >’Location’ > Flip the switch On.

Once your phone is misplaced follow the below steps:

  1. Go to ‘Windows Phone website’
  2. Sign in with the Microsoft account of your phone
  3. Your Windows device will show on the top.
  4. Click on ‘Find My Phone’ now to locate your device.

Even this comes with some additional features like – ‘Ring’, ‘Lock’ and ‘Erase’.

BlackBerry 10 Platform

Even BlackBerry provide similar services as the above two, but there you need to turn the ‘BlackBerry Protect’ and its tracking service on or else there will be no chance to locate your phone. The steps to put them ‘ON’ are:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Tap on ‘BlackBerry Protect’.
  3. Flip the switch to put the ‘Protect’ On.
  4. Then tap ‘Location Services’ and also flip it On.
  5. Now tap on ‘Back’ to save the changes.

Once your device goes missing you need to follow the below steps to retrieve it back:

  1. Log in to ‘BlackBerry Protect’ website
  2. Click on ‘View Location’
  3. The location will then appear on the map if the service can trace it.

It also comes with other useful features like – ‘Play Sound’, ‘Display a Message’, ‘Lock Device’ and ‘Wipe Device’.

So now do not panic when you have lost your phone. Just enable all the right settings and trace it back without fuss.

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