Lumia gets a makeover with a new name Microsoft Lumia

MicrosoftLumiaNokia is taking its final breath as Microsoft is all set to reveal its very first Smartphone with its own name. The company was already in process of removing all phone with Nokia brand  from all its platforms including apps, services and website.

All the signals given by the company is pointing the date for release of Microsoft Lumia as today, November 11th.

Microsoft is trying to create an element of surprise with the launch of Lumia series and that is why they have just released some teasers, however, images of the new smartphone is already doing rounds.

The Smartphone is right now called RM-1090 but the name is not confirmed yet as it might be internal jargon. The official name will be announced most probably today. The handset will be dual SIM with 5 inch qHD display. The smartphone will certainly be in the low to middle price range.

The probable specifications are 5-MP camera, a 1MP front camera and 1.2GHz Snapdragon 200 CPU. The phone will run on 1GB RAM and will have internal memory of 8GB but can be expnded to 64 GB with microSD card. It will sport a decent battery of 1900 mAh and will weigh 145.7 grams with dimension of 140.2 x 72.5 x 9.32mm

The color range is the highlight of this phone. Microsoft Lumia will be available in various bright colors such as blue, orange and green. The regular Black, white and Gray will also be available. Price will be most likely around $100 (around Rs 6000). It is quite an average phone with no great specification or feature except the fact that it will be the first Microsoft Lumia phone. The series has started and great many innovations is expected when Microsoft associates its name with anything.

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