Moto G (Gen 3) Review: A Good Performance Smartphone, an Average Camera and Certainly Worthy of Money

Moto G (Gen 3)After the takeover of Motorola by Lenovo, Moto G (Gen 3) is the first smartphone to have launched. The smartphone features modest specifications as compared to the Lenovo K3 Note and Xiaomi Mi 4i but comes with surprises like water resistance which can a lifesaver for the smartphone. To our experiment, the software was extremely stable when compared to its peers. After using for about a week, we have arrived at a conclusion that the Moto G 3rd gen as a reliable companion.

Let’s look at the various aspects of the phone in detail.


Just like its predecessor, Moto G maintains its traditional look. However, the smartphone doesn’t exactly stand out from the crowd in terms of looks, but, certainly it feels good in-hand and wouldn’t be out of place on a more expensive device. The textured back strikes provide enough friction that gives a secure grip.

Considering the price point of Rs. 11, 000, Moto G (Gen 3) offers a unique feature of the IPX7 water resistance, although the phone’s back is removable, but its battery is sealed off. Motorola promises that Moto G 3rd Gen can survive up to 30 minutes underwater at a depth of 3 metres, which sounds like enough of a safety net for most day-to-day usage scenarios.


Much to the contrast of other smartphones that has a large display at the price range, Moto G (Gen3) has a relatively small display of 5-inch following its line with Moto G-series. The display of the device has 720p, however, the phone doesn’t have a spectacular feature, but it doesn’t get pixilated. The display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and we haven’t faced any problem in terms of legibility outdoors under bright sunlight.


The Moto G 3rd generation runs on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, which has scored well enough to outwit its rivals in terms of day-to-day performance. The smartphone is powered by an octa core processor, unlike Lenovo and Xiaomi, Motorola has not traded smartphones specifications for the sake of experience.

Invariably, Motorola rolls out its OS updates faster than Google’s own Nexus devices get them. The feature just adds another reason to purchase the smartphone.

The Moto G 3rd gen comes with the Moto Display feature earlier seen on the Moto X (Gen. 2), which means you can see the time and other notifications on the lock screen without waking the phone up.

Performance and Battery

While testing the smartphone, we didn’t face any performance issue however, the display gets heat-up when using 3G for extended periods under the sun and this could be a problem for some. The phone supports USB OTG and quick gestures to switch on the flashlight (shake the phone twice) or open the camera app (twist your wrist twice while holding the phone), which some might find useful.

Moving on to the battery life of the smartphone, the device could withstand for 10 hours and 46 minutes of continuous SD video playback, which is about average for a phone powered by a Snapdragon 410 SoC. For heavy day of usage a single charge is insufficient if you are largely outdoors on 3G or 4G networks, but you can get through a day without much problem with a Wi-Fi network connection at home and at work, with cellular data used only when you are commuting.


Moto G (Gen 3) comes with the Camera app which is in autofocus mode by default. The mode helps you take pictures by tapping the screen. The app’s settings features switch on the focus and exposure controls, by clicking that a reticule comes up on screen users can slide around to focus on particular objects. Along with that, a dial is also featured which enables users to adjust exposure settings. However, it’s the welcome addition. The app also has an HDR mode, though you can’t use it in combination with the focus and exposure controls.

The image quality of the Moto G 3rd gen captures good detail outdoors and in well-lit conditions albeit, the low-light performance could have been better. The front camera is more than enough to keep the selfie obsessed contended.


Buying the Moto G (Gen 3) will not be wastage of money. Users get good performance smartphone with an average camera and quite a few unique app features. Apart from water resistance feature it has nothing standout specifications to boast about.

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