Motorola Moto Turbo Review – The Beast With a Compromise

Motorola Moto Turbo ReviewMotorola is not going to stop! They are continuously bringing some of their best hardware for Indian consumers and this time they have come up with Motorola Moto Turbo. It is one of the most powerful smartphone Motorola has ever made. Will it prove to be the best smartphone in the market? Let’s check it out.


The Motorola Moto Turbo maintains the same line of design that we have seen in many other Motorola devices. The rounded back makes it fit perfectly into the hands. The phone is rather thick and quite heavy, at least when compared to today’s flagships. But Motorola has managed to give it a better feel and the weight is not a problem when held in hand. Unlike any other smartphone that has an aluminium or glass or plastic back, the Motorola Moto Turbo comes with a ballistic nylon back. It gives the phone a new & unique feel and gives it a rugged look too.


The display used on Moto Turbo is one of the sharpest screens we have ever seen. A resolution of 2560×1440 packed into a 5.2-display leaves no space to see pixilation from a human eye. The pixel density pops up to 565 pixels per inch. The colours come out to be punchy and are close to reality. The screen size feels perfect for all types of usage including media consumption and gaming. The only downside of the display comes out to be its brightness, which is a bit low. This is not such a big problem to altogether ignore this phone or label it as bad.

Performance & OS

The reason why I called it a beast is this, its performance. It is by far better than any of the smartphone currently available in the market. The Motorola Moto Turbo is powered by quad-core Snapdragon 805 clocked at 2.7GHz which is coupled with Adreno 420. The combination of the bests brings some of the best results in the performance arena.

I couldn’t see even a single lag or any sort of stuttering while using heavy apps on the device. Moto Turbo handled all the heavy graphics games like Asphalt 8, Injustice: Gods Among Us and Real Racing were all smoother than butter. The RAM of 3GB is enough to handle any graphic intensive game and makes multi-tasking a breeze. The internal memory of the phone is 64GB which is not expandable, but the amount will be enough for most of your needs.

Motorola being committed to Google, the phones uses near to stock Android 5.0 Lollipop. The OS performance is much better than other high end smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Lollipop feels a refresh form the older versions with its new UI and features like guest mode. The battery on this is without a doubt excellent! The 3900mAh battery gives juice to power up the device for as long as full 24 hours on heavy use.


The compromise that was mentioned above is actually in the camera department. Though the camera is the best one we’ve seen on a Motorola device but it cannot be compared with phones like Xperia Z3 or Galaxy Note 4. The low light performance, white balance and sharpness are much below the flagship level. The 20.7MP camera clicks pictures good for casual use and if you want to go beyond that then you should think twice before investing into this phone.


Motorola Moto Turbo is a great combination of performance and Vanilla Android experience, but it disappoints in certain departments. The phone is definitely a good buy, but people who love smartphone cameras and sometimes buy a new costly device for a great camera should ignore this device. It is available at a price of Rs. 41999 on Flipkart and the price is much below any other smartphone when the phone’s specs are concerned. You can add a few bucks and go for Galaxy Note 4 that is top notch in every department or you can save few bucks and go for Xperia Z3 which is still one of the best phones at that price.

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