Latest Updates In Windows Phone 8.1 Makes it Interesting

Windows-Phone-8-1-UpdateWindows has always been one of the most proficient platforms for  smartphones as well as desktops. Featuring a lag-free interface with  excellent performance, Windows 8 offered all essential qualities to cater  diverse user needs. But now, this platform has moved one step ahead with  the latest update. According to reports, Windows Phone 8.1 has an array  of features. It has been specifically designed to enhance user experience,  and offers a whole new set of features.

If you’re updating to windows phone 8.1, be ready to explore all these features-:

Cortana for Windows

Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-based virtual assistant is one of the best highlights of Windows phone 8.1. After a long wait, windows brought this feature for smartphones, and it’s good enough to perform a number of tasks including, making calls, sending texts, taking down notes, setting alarms, and keeping a track of all other things which keep you interested. Although, this feature is available for few countries, but it’s surely one of the biggest elements of windows phone 8.1.

Improved personalization on start screen

Windows phone 8 and older versions didn’t feature personalization elements. Basic solid-colors appeared dull and boring to routine users. But now, things have changed as the latest update of windows phone 8.1 offers improved start screen customization for users. With this feature, you can customize start-screen of your device by adding an image to the tiles. You can add any image, and enhance the look of your start-screen within minutes.

All New Action Centre

Along with customization features, Windows Phone 8.1 also brings the most awaited Action Centre for notification access. The feature has been specifically designed to show notifications for calls, messages, emails and other updates. It enhances functioning of windows devices, and offers quick access to a number of options, including Flight-mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and much more. Just like iOS or Android, Action Centre of Windows Phone 8.1 can also be accessed through drop-down swipe, and it’s completely customizable too.

Word Flow Keyboard

Word Flow Keyboard also plays a big part in enhancing the value of windows Phone 8.1. This swipe-like feature improves typing experience, and delivers quick and accurate results. By sliding your fingers around, you can send texts and mails within seconds. No doubt, this keyboard is one of the most intuitive smartphone keyboards, and offers a rich set of features to deliver a comfortable typing experience.

Improved browsing experience

Windows Phone 8.1 also offers an excellent browsing experience! Numerous updates for internet explorer will not only enhance your surfing experience, but will also save your data while browsing. Plus, you can also sync browsing data on your windows PC or tablet by simply signing into your Microsoft account. As compared to previous versions, browsing experience has improved a lot with the latest update.

These were some of the best features of Windows Phone 8.1. The update is rolling in different parts of the world, and offers a great set of features for improved performance and excellent user experience!

Windows phone platform has improved a lot, and is sure to deliver better results in future too.


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