OnePlus Names It’s Custom ROM- Calls It OxygenOS

OnePlus OxygenOSAfter the release of   custom Android 5.0 Lolliop  by OnePlus, it has finally released the name selected for the custom ROM, that being OxygenOS

As per latest insights from the company, it was in the process of developing a separate custom ROM for the market in China, known as the H2OS. Both ROMs would be similar with some minor changes specific to the region. Further details would be revealed by the 12th of February.

According to Brandon H, the OnePlus forum administrator. Oxygen stands as an epitome of simplicity as an element. He talked about it while announcing the name of the ROM.

He has assured that the ROM would be completely customisable and would not include unnecessary features. It is slated to deliver a bold, powerful and a straightforward experience.

This whole endeavour of introducing the OxygenOS by OnePlus and the announcement of the February 12 schedule is in sync with the brand’s timeline of replacing Cyanogen OS that the buyers are currently offered.

Shipments have already begun with OnePlus One units without Cyanogen tagging.

OnePlus took the decision of coming up with a custom ROM in November after Micromax-cyanogen deal came to the forefront. Cyanogen, that had once made a global non-exclusive arrangement with OnePlus for utilisation of its software and trademark in as many as 16 nations, which doesn’t include China, said in regard to its agreement with Micromax that it could no longer approve updates to OnePlus devices in the Indian market.

A brief injunction order from the Delhi High Court followed on OnePlus, which barred it from selling its handsets in India. This was due to Micromax Informatics Ltd’s plea in regard to which the exclusive rights to Cyanogen OS in India procured by them were under infringement by the Chinese brand. However, The Delhi High Court lifted the ban later giving OnePlus three months to get done with the present stock.

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