Are you Ready to hold the new Apple iPhone 8?


iPhone 8 set to launch

The excitement goes on with the imminent arrival of the iPhone 8 gearing up to be one of the major tech launches of this year.


After celebrating the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, Apple is expected to bring out its latest invention.


There are rumours widespread that the most renowned mobile phone brand has put some fresh new features on the iPhone 8 to make it stand out of the crowd as usual. This latest Apple smartphone is expected to feature a new AMOLED display that will cover the entire front of the device.


An excellent Touch ID fingerprint scanner is fixed under the display and a facial recognition feature will add more protection to mobile phone, also make it fast to unlock for the user.


Not only will this, but the latest iPhone 8 also have a new processor, updated dual-lens camera and wireless charging.


With all these new features the iPhone 8 will, no doubt, be extremely popular but when will it get an official take-off?



iPhone 8


Looking back to its previous launches that has been in the month of September only, we can expect it to be launched in the month of September in the first half again.


However this is just an assumption, one thing is clear that Apple is not expected to give an official release date until a few days before.


Apple happens to be very secretive about its iPhone launches until the very last minute.

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