Samsung Galaxy S6 Video Teaser Released

galaxys6The world is waiting for Samsung Galaxy S6 with baited breath and the good news is Samsung has released a teaser video. This video is released for its event in Barcelona which is going to happen onĀ  March 1. The video gives us a sneak peak of Galaxy S6.

While not giving much of the information away, the video manages to generate curiosity about the profile of Samsung Galaxy S6. At the end of this 21 second video, we can see an ultra slim phone. It seems like Galaxy S6 will be competing with the super slim phones which are selling like hot cakes these days.

The voice in the background says “I am crafted from the beautiful things I see around me, they shape who I am, I am the next galaxy.”

The whole purpose of this video is to generate excitement around Galaxy S6. Seeing the video gives fire to the rumour that speculates that Galaxy s6 will be a full metal body phone. Samsung will certainly focus on design of its flagship device.


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