Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to be launched on August 2nd in New York

Galaxy note

Samsung is ready with its new Smart phone and the company is all set to launch Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on 2nd August 2016. Interesting thing is that the company is abandoning the name Note 6 and is taking up the name Note 7. This smartphone will be launched in New York and is expected to arrive in India in the second week of August.

The phone will have a dual edge design which is similar to Samsung Galaxy S7. It will have a 5.7-inch Quad HD with Super AMOLED display. This means that display will always be on even if the phone is switched off. Users will be able to see the notifications and alerts even when the phone is switched off, therefore, it is very efficient way to save battery. This method allows the users to keep up to date with any urgent alerts without using up reams of battery life.

It will be having pretty powerful RAM of 6 GB which will mean the device will be superfast and less chances of hanging of phone. At present, there are only two smartphones in India that have the equivalent RAM and they are LeEco Le Max 2 and One Plus 3.

The processor of this powerful smartphone will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 821. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to have a 12 MP back camera and a 5 MP front camera. The Camera is pretty much the same as Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may also have Iris scanner for unlocking the phone. Thus security of the phone has been well taken care of by Samsung in this version.

Some special features in this phone which is quite interesting is a USB Type-C port for charging and also for data transfer. This means that the charging of the phone will be done at super speed and customers will get full battery in no time. Although other chargers from your previous phone might not work on this one. However, Samsung is going to provide a charger, so there should not be much problem. Also the battery is humongous with 4000 mAh high density Li-Po.

The phone will differ in terms of sizes and is expected to have three variants 64, 128 and 256 GB storage with color schemes of Onyx, silver titanium and blue coral.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could also have a brand new version of Android. If the rumors are to be believed then Samsung galaxy Note 7 will have Android 6.1.

Samsung’s biggest competitor, Apple is launching its iPhone 7 in September 2016 just after a month of the Samsung launch. The battle of the giants is sure to be an interesting one.

Samsung galaxy Note 7 price in India is expected to be Rs. 63,000 for its 64 GB version.

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