Samsung Galaxy S6 Features: An Edge over Its Predecessors

Samsung Galaxy S6MWC 2015 is over but its craze will last for much longer. Mainly because of the amazing smartphone launches held in Barcelona. One of the most prominent among them is the Samsung Galaxy S6. It seems very promising phone from Samsung after seeing its average predecessors. We will check out some of the best features of the Galaxy S6 that make it the best smartphone to have, if your pocket allows.

A Design Benchmark

Till the Galaxy S5 and some other budget devices, Samsung’s smartphones were made out of plastic which gave the devices a very cheap look. Samsung has tried to change things with the Galaxy S6. Samsung has really surprised us by changing its design language altogether. The new smartphone is sleeker, better and has more metal that its predecessor. It feels good to hold and fits perfectly into the hand. The front and back glass make the device even more premium and add much to its looks.

Mammoth in Performance and Display

Samsung Galaxy S5 form the last year was much criticized for its below the mark performance. Despite having top of the line Snapdragon processor, Samsung’s TouchWiz UI used to lag. Again Samsung addressed the issue that we all have been screaming for a long time. The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a trimmed down version of TouchWiz UI over Android 5.0 with least possible bloatware.

Samsung dropped Qualcomm and chose its own Exynos 7420 octa-core processor clocked at 2.1 GHz coupled with 3GB of RAM. This combination makes the smartphone a breeze to use and the graphics are handled by Mali-T760. The fingerprint scanner has also been improved which we’ll be talking about in the next section.

Samsung has kept the screen size same at 5.1 inches but the resolution has been bumped up to 2560×1440 which is according to today’s standard. The Super AMOLED display is one of the most fabulous one we have ever seen! The screen is bright & vivid and the ppi of 577 makes everything crystal clear. The screen and the back glass, both are protected by Gorilla Glass 4.

Samsung Pay- a better option to Apple Pay

While availability and usability of Apple Pay is limited to very few sales points, Samsung Pay is designed to work everywhere. Samsung Pay works at every place where a debit or credit card is accepted. The revolutionary technique uses the built-in fingerprint scanner to authorize the payment and then you just need to tap the EDC machine to complete the payment.

Samsung has improved its fingerprint scanner by enabling to work just by a single tap. Unlike the Galaxy S5, where the user had to swipe over the sensor to get the fingerprint registered, now the user needs just to tap the home button to get it registered. And it is much more accurate than the previous generations too.

DSLR Quality Camera

Not going with the megapixel war, Samsung decided to keep the megapixel count unchanged and improve its quality instead. The new camera on Galaxy S6 comes with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for less shaky videos. The aperture has been increased to f/1.9 which means that the low light images will come out even better.

The camera app has also been updated. Now it features a Pro mode which will enable the user to control different aspects of photography. This would be very helpful for those who want every minute detail of their images to be in their control. While the camera on Galaxy S5 was very good, the one on Galaxy S6 is even better in terms of image quality.

Why Should You Buy the Galaxy S6?

There are not one but many reasons to buy this smartphone. Samsung has worked on every complaint we had with previous generations of devices and have resolved them very successfully. The Galaxy S6 has better build quality, better OS, better camera, better security and better performance. So is there any reason to not buy the Galaxy S6?

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