Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Almost Perfect

Galaxy S6Samsung has experimented with metal bodies in its product line-up, and the new flagship model, without surprise, comes in all aluminium body. The company follows a set pattern, making it difficult to differentiate one phone from the other, and Samsung Galaxy S6 falls short of a breakout design. The material is new but the style has been carried forward from its predecessors, along with some reflection from Sony and Apple.


Silver-rimmed physical home button is pure Samsung, but apart from that, influence from iPhone 6 and its predecessors can be distinctly made out. Chamfered rim edges and machined speaker grille are some such examples.

Flat glass on front and back, and slightly curved metal rim fits smoothly in your palm. Smoothened out rum’s ugly ridges in Galaxy S6 is much appreciated. Ports and slots are devoid of waterproofing flaps. Headset socket, micro-USB port and the speaker are at the bottom, while the IR emitter and secondary mic are at the top. Left and right side of the phone are occupied by two separate volume button, and power button and Nano-SIM tray, respectively.


Software clutter that characterised the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 devices has been appreciably removed in the latest offering. There is a whiff of Goggle’s Lollipop-era Material Design and a better presentation of UI design over previous Samsung offerings. The gadget is fairly responsive and none of the customization takes you back in time.

For things that you may never use, such as the split screen mode which enable you to operate two apps simultaneously or the Clipboard style newsreader can be disabled anytime. Some handy features are quick settings and notifications shade.


Cameras are one of the USP’s of flagship phones these days, and Samsung Galaxy S6 did scored high in this department. The quality of photos will amaze you, as the subtle little details are accurately captured. Daylight shots are outstandingly stunning, particularly the frame shots that provide the depth of field.

Low light shots are satisfactory too. The colour accuracy of the shots can be on shaky ground in ambient lighting and the autofocus may leave you wondering at times, overall, the final results can be quite impressive. It is thumbs up for 4K video. There has been a significant makeover in the Samsung’s camera app. The menu has been trimmed, providing a more in depth than spread out look.


Samsung is confident that its Exynos processors are formidable enough to surpass the entire Galaxy flagship line, and its belief is indeed backed up strongly. There is enough graphics horsepower to support the pixel-dense screen which enable to enjoy the most demanding games with ease. While the speaker provides a crisp and clear output.


The battery can touch the 13 hour milestone in standard video loop test. The Samsung Galaxy S6 battery has truly turned smaller as compared to it was on its forerunner: a 2,550mAh cell comes to put back the 2,800mAh battery pack on the Galaxy S5, but in return for that we obtain a slender and lighter gadget. In spite of the higher-res screen, the Galaxy S6 obtains slightly better battery life as compared to the iPhone 6.


Galaxy S6 may not turn head around when it comes to style, but it certainly looks appreciable. Reasonable screen size, top end Android phone and cost not deterrent, if that what describes your search parameters, than Galaxy S6 is worth checking out.

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