Smart Evolution: A Smartphone for Physically Challenged People

smartphone-for-physically-challengedAn Israeli company has made it clear that it has developed the world’s first absolutely hands-free smartphone, which is aimed at physically challenged users.

The mobile phone with smart capabilities is developed by start-up Sesame Enable, is particularly designed for individuals with spinal cord injuries. In which usually hands and arms of the patient are affected, as per the report from The Times of Israel.

The Sesame is an Android smartphone which is embedded with proprietary head-tracking technology. Besides, the device works on an advanced computer vision algorithm and its front-facing camera tracks user’s head movements through which they can control a cursor over the screen.

The cursor is basically a virtual finger that works just like our finger works on any usual touch screen smartphone.

As expected, this smartphone is priced at $1,000, which has recently won an award named as “Verizon Powerful Answers’ Award” along with $1 million (around INR. 6 crores) in prize money.

The developer of this smartphone Giora Livne, himself is physically challenged, is planning to give away around 30 Sesame devices to people with disabilities nominated by their associates.

“My life quality jumped from the Stone Age to the smartphone age,” said Livne.

The idea to develop this smartphone hit his mind after seeing a TV demonstration for a game, which was being controlled with head movements. As he has an electrical engineering background, he understood the technology’s potential to help him, as well as many others.

This invention has made him able to text from him phone, so now he regularly texts and uses WhatsApp messaging service to connect with his friends and children.

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