Smartphones may Feature a 52MP Camera Soon

CameraHave you ever thought of taking photos from a smartphone featuring 52MP camera?

You may feel a little awkward hearing about this at first. But, this is what the Silicon Valley startup company ‘Light’ is aiming at.

The firm seems to be functioning on fabricating camera units, which feature a wide collection of lenses as well as sensing elements.

To include extra on this, we can memorize that Linx, the firm which Apple had purchased in recent times, also functions on the similar thing; bundling manifold lens as well as sensing elements in a distinct camera unit for superior quality images.

Coming back to Light, it is working on an objective of bringing in larger zoom potentialities in a smartphone without truly raising the dimension of the camera element.

In favor of this, the firm has released the picture of a protype with manifold lens as well as sensing elements on its authorized internet site.

Also, recently, we all make out that Huawei came up with a twin camera smartphone Honor 6 Plus that has been claimed by the firm to detain DSLR like shooting.

It definitely thunders our ideas thinking of a lot of lens and detectors by Light keeping present the double camera presenting DSLR like picture superiority.

This is how truly the Light’s camera unit would appear as per Technology Review.

But, the firm functioning in secret on the prospect of digital envisioning has not exposed much data regarding the 52 megapixel camera. Yet, we believe to expect the similar technology to turn up in handsets by the end of the coming year.


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