The Exclusive Smartphones From Xiaomi

Xiaomi-Mi4Xiaomi today is able to grab the estimable position in the market representing the wide range of smartphones along with the advanced features. The users are eager to know the full specifications of the different models from Xiaomi that enable them to carry out the activities in the smarter way.

A Brief Look on the Xiaomi Smart Phones –

Xiaomi is getting more and more popular with the passing time. Here you can get a look on the features of the smart phones launched by Xiaomi accompanied with the beneficial opportunities that one needs. See the attributes mentioned below –

Xiaomi Mi 4i

The phone comes out with the exciting display along with the large 5 inch screen and the resolution as 1080 x 1920p. It has a 13MP rear camera using which you can get some nice clicks anywhere anytime. Equipped with 1.1 Ghz processor and a 2GB RAM the device can be the best fit for the smart use.

Xiaomi Mi 4

Powered by the 2.5 Ghz processor and the 3GB RAM the new smart phone serves as one of the best choice for the new generation. The display is also thrilling with the 1080 x 1920p resolution that gets brighter on the wide 5.00 inch screen.

Xiaomi Mi 3

The Xiaomi Mi3 features the exclusive form of display with the 5.00 inches screen that’s supported with 1080 x 1920p resolution. Powered by 2.3 Ghz central processing unit and 2GB RAM you can explore a great functionality for the Xiaomi Mi3. The camera carries 13MP resolution that’s useful to take the pictures while travelling.

Xiaomi Mi2A –

The new model from Xiaomi brings in the advanced options that support the 1.7 Ghz processor that is followed by the 1GB RAM. Also, the 8MP camera would help you to take the clear snaps that would make you feel good. Overall, the display on the 4.5 inches screen along with the 720 x 1280p resolution adds a different touch to the phone.

Xiaomi Mi 2 –

It’s another great invention from the company with the 4.30 inches screen that comes out with the 8MP rear camera. The device is equipped with the 2GB RAM along with the 1.5Ghz processor that’s responsible for the excellent functionality of the system. It adds up a resolution of 720 x 1280p that leads to a better display with the clear background.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S

The Budget smartphone turns out with a bright colorful outlook that you would love along with the flawless execution. It gives you a clear display with the 4.70 inches screen along with 720 x 1280p resolution. The Xiaomi mobile phone comprises a 1.6Ghz processor and 1GB RAM that creates the better format accompanied with the 8MP camera.

You are simply a click away from the new smartphones from Xiaomi and once you are aware of the functionality of the system, it would become easier for you to purchase the right option.





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