Top 10 Tips And Tricks For Android KitKat Users

Kitkat-logo-2KitKat has been one of the most popular Android version. Featuring excellent UI, the operating system has catered a large number of users with minimal lags and top-notch performance. Whether you’re a professional or routine user, KitKat offers all essential features to meet your needs. It ships with a massive selection of handsets, and hasn’t created an issue on any device. Therefore, if your device is running on Android KitKat, have a look on these tips and tricks to try something new!

  1. Limit Background Processes to Improve Battery Life

If your phone’s performance is ruining day by day due to excessive battery drainage, then it’s highly advised to access process stats through developer options. This feature can play a big part in limiting the processes running in the background. As soon as you cut down some processes, the performance of your device will improve.

  1. Unlocking developer options

Developer options play a big part in enhancing the performance of an Android smartphone. In previous versions, it was accessed easily, but in KitKat, it’s hidden away for the benefit of normal users. However, if you’re looking to customize the performance of your device as per your need, you can enable this option by tapping seven times on “build number” under “settings”.

  1. Switch between default SMS apps

If you want to switch default app for messaging, you can do it by accessing “Wireless and Networks” option under phone settings. As soon as you’ll select this option, you will see an option to choose the default SMS app. By using this option, you can easily use Google hangouts or a third party messaging app instead of stock SMS app.

  1. Speed up animations as per your need

By using animations, you can speed up your phone in a matter of minutes. Designed specifically for aesthetics, animation options can be accessed by enabling developer mode, and setting “window animation scale”, “transition animation scale”, and “animation duration scale” to 0.5x. By using this technique, animations speed will double up just as per your need. However, if you want no animations on your device, you can turn off all three options.

  1. Switching launchers on KitKat

By switching launchers, you can give a whole new look and feel to your android smartphone. Usually, people get bored from their stock launcher and want something new to keep their interests. This is why, Google has made it easier than ever to switch launchers on Android KitKat. All you have to do is install a third party launcher on your device, visit phone settings, and access the “home” option. In this option, you can make third party launcher as the default launcher of your device.

  1. Cloud printing- Print without a computer or laptop

In Android 4.4, users can print their documents without any third app or software. In order to access this feature, simply setup your device’s printing abilities by accessing settings> system> printing. After completing the setup, two options will be available for printing, Cloud print and HP print service plugin. The first option is now supported by a number of printers, while the second option is specifically designed for a compatible HP printer. So, you can easily take printouts, without using a computer or laptop!

  1. Cast Screen to a Chromecast

Along with cloud printing and other features, Google also added a casting options with many android devices. By using this feature, you can send a video or audio right from your phone to a Chromecast. As a Google’s alternative to Apple TV, the casting option can be accessed inside phone settings below display option. It’s an excellent service from Google!

  1. Switch to the ART Runtime in Android 4.4

Dalvik runtime, is referred as a just in time compiler. It handles app operations as and when required, and it the default option on Android. ART on the other hand, is an ahead of time compiler which packs up all the apps in a ready-to-run state before launching them. It makes the entire process extremely smooth, and gives an improved user experience. ART runtime can be enabled by entering developer options, and selecting runtime option!

  1. Exit from ‘Immersive’ Mode

Immersive mode has been introduced in Android KitKat to remove on-screen elements for a full-screen view of the running app. Apps which support this mode automatically remove UI elements, and give full screen view. But, if you want on-screen interface back, simply swipe down from the top of display, and the notifications bar and other elements will show up automatically.

  1. Google Now Experience

By using Google Now services, you can talk to your phone, and perform a number of tasks in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is, activate Google Now Voice from any screen, and speak up your requirement after saying “Ok Google”.

Voice activation can be enabled by accessing the voice section in “Google Now Setting” and choosing ‘Ok Google’ detection. After this, a brief setup process has to be followed to be enable voice detection from any screen!

These were some of the best tricks for Android KitKat. By following all these tips and tricks, you can enhance the performance of your smartphone right from the word go!

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