Want to Operate Whatsapp Web on your PC?

Whatsapp webWhatsApp Messenger has become the pioneer of text messaging in today’s world with millions of users hooked on to this useful application to carry forward their every-day conversations and even official talks. Now every person carrying a Smartphone has the WhatsApp Messenger app downloaded in their phones making this it the most popular virtual space, where conversations and group discussions have shifted to.

Till date, the only problem a user faced while accessing the app was that, if they did not have their mobile phones with them, they were dissected from this service as WhatsApp was only available on phones. But now the app company has come forward and launched the WhatsApp Web service. This App allows the user to use their WhatsApp account even from their desktop browser.

The steps needed to set-up and install the Messenger are as follows:

  1. On your computer, download the ‘Bluestack App Player’ (Android emulator).
  2. Set up the file and install it on your desktop.
  3. During the above process, the app will ask for access to App Store or App Notifications, which can be unchecked if wanted.
  4. Wait for the final installation to finish. It may take some minutes to complete.
  5. While installing the Bluestacks App, it may start running in the full-screen mode which you can minimize to the windowed mode by clicking the diagonal line ion on the screen.
  6. Now go to our browser and download the ‘WhatsApp apk file’.
  7. Keep the Bluestack App running at the back, all through the following processes.
  8. When the WhatsApp.apk file gets saved on your desktop, double-tap on it to install.
  9. It will automatically start getting installed in the Bluestacks App player.
  10. after installation, find the Whatsapp Messenger from the Bluestacks App and launch it.
  11. Now start the normal process of entering your phone number, as you do in your Smartphone.
  12. Click on the ‘Verify’ button.
  13. WhatsApp will try to send you a verification message but will fail in the process due to configuration faults, so wait for around 5 minutes.
  14. Five minutes later, the App will give an option to verify through voice.
  15. Click ‘Call Me’.
  16. When you get a phone call, pick it up to hear the verification code being spoken repeatedly in a loop.
  17. Now enter the code you heard on the verification box in WhatsApp to start.

You will notice that none of your initial or original WhatsApp contacts can be seen in the App. However, you can reply to any message that you receive.

If you want you have to add your contacts individually to this app by clicking on the three dot icon on the top-right and going to ‘Contacts’.

The contacts saved here cannot be seen in any other device.

Now you can start sending messages whenever you want, to these contacts.

If you expect your earlier groups to show on the WhatsApp Web, it would never show, so you have to ask the Admin of any particular group to add you up again to get the license to access that particular group.

However, WhatsApp Messenger does not allow its user to access it from both their PC and mobiles at the same time and hence once you access your mobile phone, you stop receiving messages on your PC and vice versa. Neither can you switch in between the two devices simultaneously as WhatsApp imposes some time restriction on the process and hasn’t yet been able to clear the air on such instructions.

So, start enriching your Whatsapp experience from your PC even when you don’t have your Smartphone near.

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