Want to Treasure your Data? Learn How to Backup your Data

Backup AndroidWith Smartphones becoming the new documentation ground for the new generation, the importance and safety of our beloved devices is growing day by day. With the latest antivirus apps and downloads saving you from the internet viruses and thieves, there is hardly any app which can protect your flashy Smartphone from real thieves.

Our Smartphone sometimes gets stolen or left behind by us or simply crashes, and that is when all Hell breaks loose. The amount of data, documents and media files which our phone possesses is beyond imagination, and thus, it is always wise to regularly backup of all your data.

So here are given the steps you need to follow to keep a total backup of all your data without the help of any external app or storages, on your Android Smartphone.

How to backup data in Cloud?

The steps are as follows:

  1. Got to ‘Settings’
  2. Go to ‘Accounts & Sync’
  3. Tap on ‘Auto-sync data’
  4. Next, tap on ‘Google
  5. Choose your preferred ‘Gmail ID’
  6. Turn on all those options which you want to have a backup of – contacts, photos, app data, calendar events, Chrome tabs, etc.
  7. Again, go to ‘Settings’
  8. Tap on ‘Backup & Resent’
  9. Tick ‘Backup my Data’

Following this method will allow you to save all your data so that when you log in to some other device and of in with the same account, all your saved data gets transferred on to that device. However, this does not cover he text messages and other such data which needs to be backed separately.

How to backup memory card data (both internal & external)?

The steps to backup MEDIA:

  1. Use the USB cable to connect your Smartphone to your computer
  2. Open ‘My Computer’
  3. Copy all those files you want to save by navigating through your dedicated folders
  4. Complete the ‘Copy > Paste’ function
  5. Once done, unplug your Smartphone

The steps to backup TEXT MESSAGES:

  1. Download an App called ‘SMS Backup+’
  2. Open the App, once it is downloaded
  3. Tap on ‘Connect’
  4. A pop-up comes up, from which select your Google Account
  5. Grant the App permission to access your Google Account
  6. Go to ‘SMS backup+’ and tap on ‘Backup’
  7. The SMS’s get saved in your Gmail Account that is open to be accessed
  8. Once you open Gmail, you will see a new label – ‘SMS’
  9. Click on it to view all your saved messages
  10. If you want to restore back all your messages, tap on ‘Restore’ present inside the App
  11. Tap on ‘OK’ to complete the process

You will the, be asked to set SMS Backup+ as your default SMS app. It should be done to restore back all the messages. Once the App automatically starts downloading all your messages and completes the process, it will restore back your default SMS app, too.

Follow the above steps and be in peace with yourself knowing that the maximum loss you may incur is the loss of buying another Smartphone rather than doing away with all the data you have built and stored painstakingly over the years.

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