Windows Phone To Get Whatsapp Calling Feature Soon

fb-postWhatsapp made headlines recently when they unveiled their calling feature for their Whataspp users on Android platform. At Mobile World Congress 2015 Whatsapp’s CEO Jan Koun announced that a voice calling feature will be introduced soon for the whatsapp users around the world. The calling feature officially landed to android some days back. Well, some reports have emerged citing that this new feature will soon be available for the Windows Phone users as well. Earlier it was an Android exclusive feature. Currently Viber, Line,WeChat, Facebook Messenger are the major players and dominating the VoIP market but with the emergence of Whatsapp calling, It is expected that things will change soon. Whatsapp being the most popular instant messaging platform will revolutionize the Voice Over IP industry.

Whatsapp calling feature was introduced some days back ago and was being activated for some users who got a call from another user whose whatsapp calling is activated. So basically it was an invite system and android users from around the world started to catch up with this new feature offered by their beloved platform.

Whatsapp is available across all platforms like Android, Windows, IOS,Samsung’s own OS Tizen, Nokia’s Symbian OS as well as other feature smartphones. WhatsApp calling feature is available on Android as of now but it will interesting to note that when this calling feature will be available to other platforms.

Some days back reports surfaced reporting a spam haunting the Whatsapp users taking advantage of the new Whatsapp calling feature. The spam message containing an unofficial website link is reportedly asking a Whatsapp user to invite 10 other users to unlock the calling feature.  If reports are to be believed then whatsapp is being tested for iOS and BlackBerry as well and will be coming to the devices as well.

It will be interesting to note how this will turn out for other VOIP only apps  like Viber, Line etc. The competition is going to be real tough.


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