Xiaomi Mi3 And Mi4 Comparison

mi3 and mi4It is not a concealed fact any more that Xiaomi Mi3 is one of the most popular smartphones in China. But, it is noticeable how it gets a tough head on competition from Xiaomi Mi4, its predecessor. Both these gadgets, have always been pitted against one another and buyers are always inquisitive about the consequence. Gadgets Around You gives a list of comparisons between Mi3 and Mi4 that would make the choices clear and personal.


Xiaomi Mi4 wins the race, when it comes to Processors. The Mi4 comes with a third generation Snapdragon 801 chipset embedded with LTE connectivity and timed at 2500 MHz. Xiaomi Mi3 on the other hand comes packed with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor timed at 2300 MHz. Both Mi3 and Mi4 operate on Android 4.4 KitKat.


A look on the dimensions would reveal that Xiaomi Mi3 measures 144*73.6*8.1mm and Xiaomi Mi4 measures 139.2*68.5*8.9mm. These statistics give an insight on the comparative measurements of both the devices.


Weight is another important issue one considers while buying a phone. The Xiaomi Mi3 comes with a weight of 145grams and so does the Mi4. Therefore on the weight category, both the phones can be deemed light weight and easy to carry.


If one considers RAM a pivotal quality while buying a phone, the Xiaomi Mi4 would be a better choice. The Mi4 provides 3GB RAM while the xiaomi Mi3 cones with 2GB RAM.


Both Mi4 and Mi3 provide a 5 inches capacitive touch screen. Also, both the phones come with the same display resolution measuring 1080*1920 pixels with 441ppi of pixel density.


Although both Mi4 and Mi3 come with similar camera resolutions at 13MP but the Xiaomi Mi4 comes with LED flash along with a secondary camera of 8MP resolution whereas the secondary camera in Xiaomi Mi3 is 2MP. This makes the choice for camera lovers much more clear.


When it comes to 4G, the Xiaomi Mi4 surely stands triumphant, the Mi3 doesn’t possess the technology of 4G network connectivity. Hence to make things simpler, 4G connectivity is a feature exclusively available n the Xiaomi Mi4.


In terms of the powerhouse of the phone, the battery, the Xiaomi Mi4 wins with its 3080mAh battery whereas, the Mi3 doesn’t go too far with its 3050mAh battery.


Price is one of the most important factors that makes a phone, a buyer’s choice. The Xiaomi Mi3 is priced at Rs. 13,000, whereas a buyer would be spending Rs. 19,999 for the Mi4. Thus, at-least in terms of the price tag, Mi3 takes the cake.


Xiaomi Mi4 is seen to hold strong in terms of processing, display and allied factors. However, the Xiaomi Mi4 has a greater price tag than Mi3 but the features are also much more improved and attractive in comparison. Moreover, since 4G is relatively new in the market, the Mi4 might be an innovative choice. The ultimate decision could be made keeping in consideration all the listed factors.

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