Xiaomi Mi5 vs OnePlus 2: Top 11 Features Gives Tough Competition to Each Other

oneplus-one-lollipopTwo Chinese smartphone makers entered the smartphone market and scramble for to produce the best smartphone of the year. OnePlus and Xiaomi to introduce their latest flagships in the market and the joust are getting more exciting. Both the companies’ latest bile is yet to be launched the rumours about the smartphones are wafting in the air adding the eagerness among the customers. Interestingly, both the smartphones have almost the same SoCs, but it’s yet to see which of the smartphone would be the favourite with the masses.

Let’s see the side by side look at the two phones and see what the future will bring us.


According to the rumours, both the smartphones, OnePlus 2 and Xiaomi Mi5 have the same processor-Snapdragon 810. But, Sony Xperia which also has the same processor failed to impress us. On the flipside the alternate rumours claim Xiaomi Mi5 has Snapdragon 820 are to be believed, it could raise the sales of Xiaomi.

Display size

Another similarity is that OnePlus and Xiaomi are focusing on ergonomics. Apparently, Xioami Mi5 to increase the display size larger than the Mi4, while OnePlus 2 to reduce the display size than OnePlus One.

Design and build

According to the rumours, both the handset to feature a metallic build. Xiaomi Mi5 might come in all a metal build while, OnePlus to boast a metal frame with ‘Styleswrap’ back covers.


OnePlus 2 features a 4GB RAM and rumour suggests that Xiaomi Mi5 also features 4GB RAM, both the companies promise better performance and power efficiency. However, the earlier smartphone to have DDR4 RAM while the latter is uncertain of variety.


Initial rumours suggest that the Mi5 to join the OEMs bandwagon and feature a QHD display and 2.5D glass. On the other hand, OnePlus is expected to have a tried and tested 1080p resolution. Moreover, if the OnePlus 2 to focus on providing a better battery rather than joining the bandwagon.

Battery and USB Type-C

OnePlus officially said that the OnePlus 2 to have a 3,300mAh battery and will also feature a USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer. However, Xiaomi is yet to confirm the port details but it is expected that the Mi5 to carry the same battery of the Mi4.

Fingerprint scanner

Just like iPhone 6, OnePlus 2 to have a physical fingerprint scanner and the company promises to feature a better quality than iPhone 6. But the rumors suggest no detail on this matter for Mi5.


Coming to storage option, OnePlus is expected to have the same 16GB and 64GB storage while, Xiaomi Mi5 is expected to feature a 32GB storage option.

User Interface

Both the device to run on Android Lollipop, however, if Xiaomi decides to launch the Mi5 later this year or maybe next year, it might run on Android M, and the handset will be running its latest MIUI, probably MIUI 7.  OxygenOS would be the latest UI for OnePlus 2.


Grapevine suggests that both the smartphone to come with 16MP camera sensors while, the front camera of Mi5 to have 13MP and rival OnePlus 2 – 8MP front-facing sensor. Currently, OnePlus one sports 5MP front shooter and Xiaomi Mi4 has 8MP front camera.


The most important part -price of the handset; considering the current scenario of rivalry and pricing, both the phones should be priced competitive and below the Rs. 30,000 price range. Xiaomi has been itching to break the barrier though.

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