Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review

xiaomi redmi 1s reviewThe Indian smartphone market is flooded with new and fancy models everyday. No wonder, the smartphone segment has been witnessing a ‘buyers boom’ particularly in the entry- level and mid-level range. From ASUS to Motorola and Xiaomi, the  consumer has been truly left spoilt for choice! We bring to you a review of Xiaomi Redmi 1S , being seen as a game changer in the industry.


The Redmi 1S follows the rectangular shape like the Mi3 from Xiaomi with the rounded edges, having been kept intact. A 4.7 touchscreen with an 8 MP  Rear Camera and 1.6 MP Primary Camera are its attractions. Besides, the red coloured navigation keys add on to the appeal.  The super affordable phone, priced at a mere Rs 5,999 is quite easy on the pocket, especially for those wanting to buy a smartphone for the very first time without having to spend a fortune!

The removable back cover which wraps around the edges is another eye-catcher.  The slots for the dual SIM cards get revealed while one removes the back cover.  The SIM as well as the micro SD card slots can be accessed properly only when the back cover is removed in a desired manner. Fingerprint smudges are an issue with the front of the phone, that carries three red capacitive buttons and a LED notification light.


The Xiaomi Redmi 1S takes longer to boot than the Mi3 in comparison. Performance part of Remi 1S cn be rated only average while the colors and the brightness are reasonably good. One can’t expect to open and shuffle among too many apps at the same time with the Redmi 1S and that is, one of its major flipside.

Viewing angles are wide and without distortion while in sunlight, the colours varied erratically enough. Since this one is for a first-time user, so the problem of juggling and downloading too many apps simultaneously may not manifest itself as prominently though.


For those wanting to go ‘snap,click and zoom’- Redmi 1S is a perfect choice! For all the beginners of Instagram and other photography apps, this is a very suitable, affordable and attractive piece of technology. Users can alternate between ‘Simple’ and ‘Advanced’ modes for a variety of effects. The user would experience many filters in addition to the recording mode in the video segment.  The settings for contrast, sharpness, brightness etc. are the best in class!

Battery Life

This feature of the Redmi 1S  is a kind of mixed bag. Simply because, it takes too long for the battery to get charged. It takes 3 hours to take it from 10 % to 100% level. But once there, it shall last you some 14-15 hours with just one SIM and almost negligible use of 3G and WiFi.

The Final Take

The Xiaomi Redmi 1S is no doubt a show stealer, but for its contenders it has to put up with an even fierce fight. The appearance is noticeworthy and doesn’t call for major changes (unless the company itself does some on its own!).  The performance side of the argument though, makes it a lesser valued opponent in the market segment. With a sluggish UI, the Redmi 1S can not expect to achieve a worthy place in the consumers’ mind. The 1.6GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with Cortex-A7 core needs to outpace its rivals like Motorola and ASUS- smartly and sooner than they think.

Having said this, the deft pricing strategy and alluring external features make it for a winner in this entry segment of smartphones. Doing away with some minor hiccups would definitely make it a much desired device- not only for its pricing but also performance backed features.






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