Apple iPhone 7: Coming in September 2016

Apple iPhone 6Apple is all set to launch its new iPhone 7. September 2016 is slated to be the launch month and in all probability it will retain the name iPhone 7. Its biggest competitors, Samsung has abandoned the Note 6 and will be launching Note 7 on 2nd August of this year.

So people are all excited around the world. Apple has always released its phone in the third week of September and in all probability iPhone 7 will also be launched in the third week of September at Apple’s annual event.

So what new features can customers find in the new iPhone. Well, the design will be similar to iPhone 6s but that back panel will be slightly changed. It is not sure that the Apple iPhone 7 will have the edge to edge display, however it wil definitely have a sharper display. Infact there is a strong possibility that iPhone 7 may get a 4K display on the next installment of iPhone.

The gadget will have 3GB RAM and a hexa core processor and it will be powered by iOS10. The new technology from apple, its 3D touch will definitely feature in iPhone 7. All in all it will be more powerful than its predecessors when it comes to software and hardware experiences.

The camera of iPhone 6s has been working pretty well and there is a user satisfaction, so the camera might not get an upgrade in this installment from Apple. It will still be 12 megapixel sensor as was on  iPhone 6s. The only new thing in the Camera department will be that iPhone 7 might get optical image stabilization. If the rumors are to be believed than the iPhone 7 will not have a dual-lens camera. iPhone 7 will be thinner than iPhone 6s. The exciting thing is the wireless charging capabilities and we still have to see how that works out.


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