Google Nexus 5X Teardown Reveals What’s Inside it

nexus_5x_teardown_ifixitThe much-anticipated teardown treatment of the LG’s Nexus 5X reveals what’s inside it, and how repairable those things are.

iFixit, DIY repair site, opens and revealed the Nexus 5X which is one of the lead devices for Android 6.0 Marshmallow that were introduced by the Google in late September. The aim of the teardown is to find the components of the devices from inside, and the cost of the components. The video also reveals that it is very easy to remove the backplate of the handset.

iFixit also divulges that the mid-frame is not very difficult to dismantle and noted that only a few screw are needed to be removed. After this, you will have the access to the gut of the devices.

The team claims that the components, almost all of them, can be removed and replaced independently and the user should need to get a component fixed. Even the non-removable battery of the can be removed without a lot of effort.

The display and the glass protecting it, however, are fused together. Which means that an issue with either will need both the components to be replaced. It is the only aspect of the handset that irked iFixit.

As for the specifications, the teardown noted that the company is using Sony’s IMX377 sensor for its rear-camera. The RAM has been developed by Samsung, and the internal storage is Toshiba-made. The team, happy with the handset and how it has been put together, gave the Nexus 5X a repairability score of 7 out of 10.

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